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First Aid Training with Transolva Ltd

All of our first aid trainers and assessors are professionally qualified and highly experienced medical professionals. The first aid training is delivered in a relaxed and informal manner either at our purpose-built Yeovil premises or your own venue. Throughout the course our trainers constantly assess their students to ensure that they are competent to perform the tasks that may be required. This means there are no stressful formal exams to become a qualified first aider. Instead, there are opportunities to learn and demonstrate new knowledge in practical ways. We believe that a training course should be a fun learning experience, so you'll receive flexible, friendly and fully interactive training.

As the owner of the Transolva Group, Phil has built a reputation for excellence in training within the transport industry and for drivers. With a professional but personable approach to training, Phil also leads First Aid training and has many years of experience in this field. With his extensive experience in health, safety and first aid training, Phil is also the assessor for the team's training with Trans First Aid and TransTrain.

Phil Bond - Managing Director

Vida is our primary First Aid trainer. With over 100 candidates taught in 2013, she takes pride in teaching learners competency in the skills required for efficient First Aid. Many of her candidates have said that the course was made so much better by having Vida as their tutor. Many of the courses we provide have been written by Vida to meet the current regulations.

Vida Hunt - Training Manager and Internal Quality Assessor

“We all had a jolly good time and the overall consensus was that it was the best First Aid course that we’ve attended.”


Mark Howard - MD

Hydrotech Water Services (Uk) Ltd

December 2013

Want your employees to be safe and confident in the workplace?

Confidence comes from competence and competence comes from training.

Our qualified first aider trainers are 100% committed to keeping  businesses and communities safe.

Ash Hunt - Office and Marketing Manager

Ash co-ordinates all bookings for first aid training for both Transolva and Train First Aid.  He's usually the first point of contact for customers and deals with the majority of bookings as well as organising the trainers and training venues.


Kelvin Latham - First Aid and Driver CPC Trainer

Kelvin has a wealth of training experience, including 30+ years of army training. Kelvin is extremely disciplined in his approach to training and ensures that all candidates get the most out of their day. From his past experiences he can deliver a wide range of courses and is currently working with Vida writing new courses for the future.

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